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The Team Behind ABR

At Advanced Behavioral Rehabilitation, we pride ourselves on the fact that we are different from most other behavioral rehabilitation clinics. Our practice is owned and operated by a team of experienced psychiatrists and psychologists who have developed innovative curriculums that raise the standards and outcomes of court-ordered educational programs and services by following a clinically relevant directive.

Unlike many other rehabilitation service providers, we truly believe in and are committed to supporting the efforts of judges and court officers, not just simply being another checkbox. We understand the important part rehabilitation plays in bringing about permanent and measurable behavioral change in individuals, and how vital this is to a reduction in recidivism. We aim to protect society by teaching offenders how to make better choices in their lives.

Our Mission and Purpose

We are dedicated to not only providing excellent rehabilitation services but specifically seek to continually raise the standards of behaviorally based educational programs that are created and delivered by our experienced professionals. The programs we offer are unique, innovative and based on medically sound principles, which gives participants the foundation for positive and lasting change by giving them the capacity to build insight and awareness into their behavior and psychological vulnerabilities.

However, our programs don’t stop there. At ABR, we understand that giving individuals insight into their behavior is simply the first step. Our programs give individuals a second step in providing them with the tools and techniques to understand and cope with the circumstances and experiences that are behind their struggles. Through this two part process, our mission is to elevate an individual’s self-esteem, improve their self care, decrease their shame and isolation and help them realize their own potential and capacity for choice.

The ultimate purpose of this is to foster lasting behavioral change that not only benefits individuals but also the greater community by reducing recidivism and the associated consequences of poor behavioral choices. Through our in depth and innovative approach, ABR participants will discover alternative ways of understanding themselves, giving them better flexibility and awareness of the choices they make. For individuals who are truly looking to make a positive change in their lives, we offer a solid alternative to drugs, alcohol and violence – the life changing prospect of finally being in control of their own lives, effectively managing stress and the power of improved choice making strategies.

Common Questions

ABR was founded by Dr Brian Weinstein, a board certified psychiatrist who has been practicing psychiatric pharmacology as well as psychotherapy since 1997.

ABR currently employs a staff of six highly experienced instructors, as well as a president to oversee daily operations.

Unlike many other providers who are simply there to check a box, we offer comprehensive services that seek to fix the root cause of the issues and fulfil the courts goals of preventing recidivism.

We are located in the heart of Metro-Detroit, off telegraph road in Southfield in between 9 mile and 10 mile roads. Our main office address is:

24293 Telegraph Rd.
Southfield, MI 48033

Our courses offer a unique approach to substance abuse rehabilitation. For those who are looking to actually make a change in their lives and not just fulfil a court ordered requirement, choosing ABR for your class provider is an investment in your future.

We offer a wider range of courses to fulfil any court ordered requirement. These courses range from anger management to impulse control and drug and alcohol abuse programs.

Our instructors have decades of combined experience helping individuals achieve lasting change in their lives and positive rehabilitation results. All of our instructors have a graduate level formal background in counseling, mental health and rehabilitation.

Our courses are strictly remote and available online, with certain courses offered prerecorded and others being interactive classes with live discussions.

Our courses are offered strictly online, through an easy to use digital portal.

Certificates are issued after the successful completion of a course, and we will inform the court of the results in order to ensure your court ordered requirements are met.