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Certified Substance Abuse Courses Online

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ABR offers online drug and alcohol classes conducted by licensed psychologists and counseling professionals. These innovative online courses are available live or recorded and satisfy virtually any court or employment requirement. We conduct our courses with a firm belief that making a mistake or having a troubled past shouldn’t define your future. Take the first step toward positive change and enroll today!

Alcohol/Drug Insight & Awareness

Total Class Hours: 6
Instructor-led group sessions

Prescription Drug Insight & Awareness

Total Class Hours: 4
Instructor-led group sessions

Alcohol Insight & Awareness

Total Class Hours: 4
Instructor-led group sessions

Marijuana Insight & Awareness

Total Class Hours: 4
Instructor-led group sessions

About Our Online Drug and Alcohol Classes

Example of a Certificate of Completion for the prescription drug insight program

One of the differentiators between online substance abuse courses produced by ABR and our competitors has to do with our uniquely dynamic and interactive approach to explore each student’s prior negative actions in a non-judgemental manner. With an approach that focuses on the deeply rooted issues such as low self esteem that create the psychological vulnerabilities leading to substance abuse and addiction, our courses don’t put a bandaid on the situation, they seek to truly heal the individual.

These courses are designed to be used on either a mobile device or a regular computer web browser, allowing for maximum flexibility for students. While our courses are designed to fulfill court ordered substance abuse programs, it is up to the student to verify with their particular court to ensure our courses satisfy their specific intent. Because many situations surrounding substance abuse involve the use of both drugs and alcohol simultaneously, our courses cover both types of abuse to ensure maximum comprehensiveness.

Who Should Take This Online Alcohol and Drug Class?

Even though many individuals take our courses due to court orders, there are others who choose to participate in our programs on their own. Regardless of the reason behind participating in these courses, these courses are designed to be a critical tool in the process of turning one’s life around and enjoying a drug and alcohol free future.

For those who are ordered by the court system to participate in these classes, generally speaking they fall into several categories of offenses:

  • Open Container Violations
  • Illegal Possession/Consumption of Alcohol
  • Public Intoxication Charges
  • Marijuana Offenses
  • Minor in Possession of Alcohol or Drugs
  • Use, possession or manufacture of fraudulent identification to purchase alcohol

How Does The Online Drug and Alcohol Class Work?

When a student participates in our online drug and alcohol classes, they complete a mixture of video lessons as well as direct interaction with instructors. The purpose of these classes is two fold: to understand how to avoid substance abuse situations that can potentially involve the criminal justice system; and to learn ways to help change your own environment to be able to live a healthier and more fulfilling life without the use of alcohol or drugs.

In our courses, you will learn the ways in which to avoid certain types of choices that can result in negative outcomes. Additionally, because our courses explore the root causes that lead to substance abuse, participants will learn how to better cope with urges to recidivate down the path of drug and alcohol use. It is because of this holistic approach that we are highly recommended by former students as well as numerous substance abuse counselors and experts across the country.