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Certified Highway Safety Courses Online

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Advanced Behavioral Rehabilitation offers online highway safety courses related to alcohol and substance abuse. These courses are conducted by professional counselors and expert psychologists, catering to those who find themselves in need of court ordered alcohol highway safety rehabilitation courses. Our highway safety rehabilitation programs are designed with the understanding that a troubled past or mistake shouldn’t define an individual’s future. With our courses, we give individuals the tools needed to open positive paths for their future. Make the first step in improving your life, enroll in our course today!

One Day: Alcohol Highway Safety Program

Total Class Hours: 6
instructor-led group sessions

One Day: Cannabis Highway Safety Program

Total Class Hours: 6
 instructor-led group sessions

About Our Online Highway Safety Classes

Example of a Certificate of Completion for the alcohol highway safety program

With our highway safety programs, we are aware that not all participants are in fact criminal thinkers but may simply have thinking patterns that fall between responsible and logical thought patterns and an actual criminal thought pattern. In order to help these participants, we teach them how to recognize these thought patterns and replace the negative and destructive ones with constructive ones.

Our courses involve instructor-led dynamic group discussions with students that explore each individual student’s negative actions in a non-judgmental environment. As a one time six hour course, it is easier on many students’ schedules to simply take a half a day to complete instead of trying to schedule multiple shorter sessions.

The discussions specifically focus on things such as masks, criminal thinking patterns, choices and also triggers as well as power/anger problems. The goal of these discussions is to help the students better understand their negative actions so they can make changes to their habits and environment to be able to make better decisions in the future.

Who should enroll in this online class?

Like all of our courses, this course is open to the public. That being said, normally those enrolling in this course do so to fulfill their court ordered requirements. This is usually required for alcohol or drug related violations involving a motor vehicle, especially first offense Drunk Driving or OWI offenses. It also is applicable to a host of other violations involving poor driving skills or judgement that was or was likely a result of alcohol or drug use.

The offenses included usually are:

  • First Offense DUI
  • Second or Repeat DUI offenses
  • Driving infractions believed to be influenced by alcohol, such as running stop signs, failure to signal, etc.