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Certified Driving Rehab Courses Online

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ABR offers online driving rehabilitation classes conducted by psychology professionals and expert counselors. These courses are available in both live and pre recorded formats to fulfill all court ordered requirements for driving offenses. Our driving rehabilitation programs come from the perspective that a mistake or troubled past shouldn’t define an individual’s future and that there is always the option to make a turn down the right path. With an evidence-based methodology to teach impulse control, our courses give individuals the tools to make better choices for a more positive and meaningful life. Make a positive step towards improving your life and enroll in our course today!

One Day: Level 1 Basic Driver Rehab Program

Total Class Hours: 4

One Day: Level 2 Basic Driver Rehab Program

Total Class Hours: 6

About Our Online Driving Rehab Classes

Example of a Certificate of Completion for the level 1 basic driver rehabilitation program

Our courses are designed to fulfill an individual’s court ordered requirements for driving rehabilitation classes, with active participation of the instructor guiding the course. Our courses are not only dynamic but also interactive, allowing each student to explore the thinking and emotional patterns that lead to their negative and self-sabotaging actions while operating a motor vehicle. The goal of our courses is to give students the ability to develop a stronger sense of responsibility and respect for not only themselves but others, especially on public roadways.

Our courses are divided into several levels depending on court requirements and the severity of the driving problem. Our most basic Level 1 course is a small instructor-led four hour session consisting of between six to twenty students who learn how to improve their driving decision making through cognitive-behavioral techniques as well as cognitive behavioral restructuring. This gives them the ability to recognize thinking errors that can result in irresponsible behaviors.

When the severity of the situation is increased, we offer a more involved Level 2 course consisting of six hours of course time. This includes everything covered in the Level 1 course but also goes into detail about additional topics such as licensing actions, explaining how points accumulate on one’s driving record, excuse making for poor behaviors and thinking errors that lead to trouble in driving habits.

For the most severe driving infractions and repeat offenders, ABR offers an Advanced Driver Rehabilitation course. This course consists of a small class of six to fifteen students who participate in instructor led group sessions. The course goes into the identification of thinking errors, as well as how to stop criminal thinking patterns and develop the skills required to change an individual’s perception.

For this advanced course, homework is assigned and required to be completed and accountability is enforced. The group discussions that take place are not only dynamic and interactive, but also go into depth exploring each student’s prior negative actions in an open and non-judgemental environment. As part of this course, written progress reports are sent to the courts every four weeks to ensure each student is fulfilling the court ordered requirements. An assessment is also required in order to meet court mandates, which is an additional cost.

Who should enroll in this online class?

While the course is open to anyone, typically participants enroll in this course as a result of court orders. This includes both adults and juveniles who have been convicted of criminal traffic offenses, including but not limited to:

  • Reckless driving
  • Drunk driving
  • Distracted driving
  • Drugged driving
  • Excessive Speeding
  • Accumulation of License Points