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Certified License Restoration Evaluations Online

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When someone loses their drivers license, they lose their freedom and most of their ability to function in society. Luckily, thanks to a process in place with the Michigan Department of State, individuals who have had their license revoked now have the opportunity to get their driving privileges restored. While this process is not easy, it gives individuals the ability to regain their independence and a second chance at having a normal life again.

The state’s license restoration process will typically involve the use of a DAAD evaluation by an outside substance abuse agency in order to ensure that an individual is in fact capable of making responsible decisions and safe to operate a motor vehicle. Per state law, the process includes a twelve panel drug screen to verify an individual’s state of sobriety. 

At Advanced Behavioral Rehabilitation, our DAAD evaluation can be ordered separately on its own with no prior qualifications. However, in practice it is often prefaced by other programs, such as substance abuse programs, highway safety programs or driving programs. When individuals participate in these programs prior to their DAAD evaluation, their chances of a successful outcome are greatly improved.

Besides showing the court handling the license restoration hearing that the individual has been making a concerted effort to make a positive change in their lives and their habits, our courses also have a very real impact on helping the individual achieve lasting sobriety. In fact, with the delay that often occurs between the initial process of engaging in our programs and the court ordered DAAD evaluation, the lasting impact that our courses can make in an individual’s habits can be the difference between passing or failure of DAAD evaluations.