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Certified Anger Management/ Domestic Violence Courses Online

ABR offers online anger management classes created and taught by licensed psychologists and counseling professionals. For maximum flexibility, these courses are available online in both live and recorded formats, and satisfy just about any court requirement or employer mandate. Our philosophy behind our courses is that a mistake or troubled past shouldn’t define the rest of your future. Take control of your future by enrolling today to have a positive change in your life!

Anger Habits Program

Total Class Hours: 6
Instructor-led group sessions

Domestic Abuse Intake Assessment

One on one evaluation. Duration will be as recommended by the court or $25 per weekly session

Domestic Abuse Early Intervention

Total Class Hours: 6
Requires Intake Assessment $85

About Our Online Anger Management Classes

Example of a Certificate of Completion for the Anger Management Rehabilitation program

The purpose behind our courses is to reduce anger driven behavior as well as improve communication in order to mediate situations and prevent escalations in the first place. Unfortunately, anger drives individuals to do certain things they otherwise wouldn’t, leading to regret and possibly long lasting legal and social consequences in their lives. Our courses teach individuals how to employ strategies that reduce anger and also help them to cope with their anger, giving them the opportunity to grow and live healthier and more productive lives.

One of the things that makes the online anger management courses produced by ABR unique when compared to the competition is the uniquely dynamic and interactive approach we use to explore each student’s prior negative actions in a non-judgemental manner. With an approach that focuses on the deep issues that are the ultimate root of the anger problems, our courses are not a bandaid fix like most, but truly designed to help the individual manage their anger and live more fulfilling lives.

With the flexibility to be completed either on a mobile device or a standard computer web browser, our courses are designed to be as accessible as possible to students from all walks of life. Even though our courses are thoroughly designed to fulfill any conceivable court or employer mandated anger management requirement, it is up to the student to verify with their particular court or employer that our courses satisfy their specific intent. Because situations that necessitate anger management courses also often involve violence, our courses also include how to mediate those situations.

Who Should Take This Online Anger Management Class?

While many individuals take our courses because they are required to do so by courts or their employers, others choose to participate in our programs on their own. No matter the reason an individual participates in our courses, they are designed to be a critical tool in the process of making a positive change in one’s life, allowing them to manage their anger and avoid the resulting consequences.

For those who are ordered by the court system to participate in these classes, generally speaking these individuals have been convicted of first time assault or domestic abuse. Some are repeat offenders, usually involving second time assault or domestic abuse charges. Employers don’t involve themselves in the legal side of things, however they can and do require individuals who have had anger outbursts or problems with anger in the workplace to participate in these courses as a condition of continued employment.

How Does The Online Anger Management Class Work?

When one of our students participates in our online anger management classes, they can expect a mixture of video lessons as well as direct one on one interaction with our instructors. The purpose of our courses is to allow individuals to manage their anger in a way that allows them to avoid the negative legal and social consequences of unbridled anger and instead lead healthy, fulfilling lives.

Our courses specifically cover several key topics related to anger management. The first of these are the alternatives to anger and violence. We teach that, if expressed appropriately, anger can be a healthy emotion that can have positive effects. The skills we teach help you to manage your anger more effectively, allowing you to get past the issue causing the anger instead of bottling it up and having it explode later on.

Another topic we cover in our course include the effects of unmanaged anger, both physically and psychologically. We teach students how this can lead to a host of different mental health issues and substance abuse, as well as create health problems or exacerbate existing ones. Some of the health problems associated with unmanaged anger include anxiety disorders, headaches, heart problems, aneurysms, ulcers and even sleep disturbances and disruption of eating patterns.

As part of this course, we teach individuals about the positive outcomes of effective anger management. These include improved communication, motivation to make meaningful changes in one’s life, avoiding the tendency to resort to violence, improve relationships with others, and even improved negotiating abilities. Ultimately, this course will result in increased self-insight and self-control, allowing students to control their anger instead of it controlling them. This comprehensive approach has resulted in our courses being recommended by both former students and social workers and psychologists across the country.

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