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Alcohol Insight and Awareness

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ABR offers online alcohol classes conducted by licensed psychologists and counseling professionals. We conduct our courses with a firm belief that making a mistake or having a troubled past shouldn’t define your future. One of the differentiators between online substance abuse courses produced by ABR and our competitors has to do with our uniquely dynamic and interactive approach to explore each student’s prior negative actions in a non-judgmental manner. With an approach that focuses on the deeply rooted issues such as low self esteem that create the psychological vulnerabilities leading to substance abuse and addiction, our courses don’t put a band-aid on the situation, they seek to truly heal the individual. Take the first step toward positive change and enroll today!

Please be aware, we offer English or Spanish subtitles. Please select the CC on the bottom right of the video to select the subtitles (if any) that you prefer. Thank you

Course Content

Alcohol Insight and Awareness
The Physiology of Alcohol
Physiology Exercise
Triggers and the Addictive Process
Triggers Exercise
Types of Drinkers
Legal Issues
Who Are You?
Road to Recovery
Common Problems in Early Recovery